[9/25/14, 11:09:02 PM] Felix: u gay as hell

[9/25/14, 11:09:04 PM] Mackenzie (SS): ok nightyo

[9/25/14, 11:09:05 PM] Mackenzie (SS): i am

[9/25/14, 11:09:07 PM] Mackenzie (SS): i really am

[9/25/14, 11:09:09 PM] Mackenzie (SS): …

[9/25/14, 11:09:14 PM] Mackenzie (SS): nathaniel in a flower crown

[9/25/14, 11:09:18 PM] Felix: sleep well u gay nerd

[9/25/14, 11:09:22 PM] Mackenzie (SS): ye

[9/25/14, 11:09:24 PM] Felix: and maybe ill draw just that

[9/25/14, 11:09:27 PM] Mackenzie (SS): omg

[9/25/14, 11:09:31 PM] Mackenzie (SS): omg omg

It’s been three days and I’ve already picked up drawing in class again.

24 Sep 14   –   2 notes


I ran into a high school classmate today! We talked a little and I sketched him while waiting to hang out with Shanté.


I’m not sure the precise details of what I want Sayek to look like, but I know I want her to have large backwards-facing horns, long white hair in a braid, a square jaw, and maybe a septum piercing.


Warmup sketch that I actually liked enough to finish. :)


speaking of drawing, I did more SamNat


sorry ive been posting so many drawings recently omg